StoryChannel دولة ليبيا LIBYA ⴰⵡⴰⵏⴽ ⵏ ⵍⵉⴱⵢⴰ La LIbye


A slightly obsessive vinyl record fanatic searches for his missing record. This story is inspired by an ancient, famous story about a lost coin that Jesus told.

Ep07_La Liberté de L’Interieur (Freedom Within)

A man huddles in the gray of a window-less, door-less cube. Out of nowhere, he hears, “Freedom!” and a sign is shoved through a slit in the wall. He cautiously picks it up. It’s pointed on one end and reads: Freedom. He stares at it for a moment, confused. A hand shoots through the slot, […]

Ep06_La Búsqueda (The Search)

A man cleans and cares for a child’s bedroom. But his daughter is at a bar drinking. She remembers how she stole from him and ran away from home. The father remembers his little girl. A tin can slides across the bar in front of the daughter. In a memory, the man and his daughter […]